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Boday Ballancer - Fitness and Exercise
Boday Ballancer - Fitness and Exercise
Boday Ballancer - Fitness and Exercise


A Body Ballancer® massage is not only a highly effective deep tissue massage but is relaxing, enjoyable and is a great way to benefit from active sport recovery and improve blood circulation.

Simply lie back in a compression garment comprising 24 overlapping chambers that gently fill with air compressing and massaging the legs and abdomen with a constant and equal pressure. As the wave of massage moves along the limb, the muscle fibres are loosened and lactic acid is broken down and removed from the system.

Incorporated as part of your fitness routine, the Body Ballancer® will deliver the following benefits:

ACTIVE SPORT RECOVERY: Repaying the oxygen debt is essential to remove the lactic acid that builds up as a result of strenuous physical exercise. The quality of the deep tissue massage provided by the Body Ballancer® speeds recovery from muscle soreness following sporting activity by increasing the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to tired muscles.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: blood circulation is improved, increasing the amount of fresh, oxygenated blood that is delivered to the muscles in the treated area, improving performance and stamina.

REDUCED MUSCLE SORENESS: The Body Ballancer® peristaltic massage action speeds up the removal of the toxins that result from physical activity. It soothes, relaxes and decongests the muscles, easing post exercise aches and pains.

IMPROVED CIRCULATION: The massage techniques act as an ‘external heart’, enhancing circulation by gently applying one-directional undulating pressure on the peripheral veins.

LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: Lymphatic flow is enhanced, resulting in the faster removal of toxins built up as a result of physical exertion.

RELAXATION: A Body Ballancer® massage is a really enjoyable and beneficial experience that will leave you feeling energised, light and so much better.