“It’s great for refining contours – our tester lost 2cm off their thighs after a fortnight of using it…” Stella magazine

A slimmer silhouette and reduced water retention

Improve fat loss with better circulation

Body Ballancer® is widely used by athletes because of the way it improves blood flow around the body, aiding muscle recovery. But that improved circulation also has other benefits, especially for those who struggle to lose weight.

That’s because fat burns more readily in parts of the body that have strong blood flow, compared with areas where circulation is poor. For women, this tends to be the hips, tummy, bottom and thighs, while for men it’s generally the tummy and hips.

As a result, many of us find it difficult to eliminate fat from these stubborn areas, even when we have a relatively healthy diet and exercise regularly.

How Body Ballancer® can help: Regular use of Body Ballancer® can help improve circulation to those problem areas, supporting your body’s natural efforts to burn fat and helping to support your weight-loss goals.

Remove excess fluid and reduce swelling

Sometimes it isn’t fat causing a problem, it’s water retention. Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing fluids from your body, but when it doesn’t function as it should, this can lead to swelling in the feet, legs, arms, thighs or abdomen.

There are many reasons why your lymphatic system might be compromised, ranging from injuries and the side-effects of medication to hormonal imbalances (particularly in women), too much salty food, or even just hot weather. Whatever the cause, there is a way to give your body the support it needs.

How Body Ballancer® can help: The gentle, wave-like action of Body Ballancer® stimulates the lymphatic system, helping it effectively remove excess fluid and reduce swelling. Many notice a real difference in just a single session.