“Legs feel immediately lighter – and a course of three treatments a week, for one month, promises long-term benefits: shapelier legs, much improved circulation and even a reduction in cellulite.” Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide

Enjoy firmer skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite

It’s a problem many of us face. In fact, around nine out of 10 women of all ages get those problem areas of dimpled, lumpy skin we all know and hate as cellulite.

The layer of fat just underneath our skin is organised into chambers and held in place by a network of connective tissue. As we age, gain weight or suffer a build-up of toxins, the tissue is unable to flex well to accommodate the extra volume. This can cause fat cells to protrude upwards, giving the skin a bumpy appearance.

Importantly, if the blood supply to the area and / or the lymphatic system is compromised, this build up of fat and toxins increases.

While a healthier lifestyle and regular exercise can make a difference, increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to problem areas can take improvements to another level. And that’s where Body Ballancer® has been shown to make a dramatic difference.

How Body Ballancer® can help: Regular Body Ballancer® massages boost circulation and bring healthy oxygenated blood to the treated areas. This helps to effectively break down the build up of cellulite, reducing volume and slimming, firming and smoothing affected skin.