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Recently the part played by the gut in our overall state of health has become much more widely known; so much so that it is now being regarded as not just a tube through which everything we eat and drink passes on its way out of the body, but as a ‘second brain’ carefully relaying messages to many parts of the body.

It is in the gut, specifically the small intestine, that a crucial component of the lymphatic system – the lacteal – can be found.

The millions and millions of these of a little-known vessels are primarily responsible for the absorption and transportation of all the fats we consume. Unlike most other nutrients we eat, fat is not water soluble so cannot be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, as it would clog up the tiny blood vessels and other delicate structures of the gut.

Instead, the fats we consume are absorbed by the lacteals and carried through the lymphatic network and into the largest of the lymphatic vessels – the thoracic duct and thenceforth directly into the heart. It is only at this point that the fats we have eaten enter the bloodstream.

A sluggish, compromised lymphatic system will therefore hinder this process, causing an unhealthy build-up of fats in the digestive system. A single treatment in the Body Ballancer® will help clear the central lymphatics that are so crucial in this process, and a course of treatments will significantly improve overall gut health.