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The Body Ballancer® Control Unit

The Body Ballancer® is a revolution in aesthetic compression treatment, or ‘pressotherapy’. After 35 years as the global market leader in medical pneumatic compression therapy, the Israeli based manufacturer Mego Afek have been able to combine their years of medical research, cutting edge technology and clinically proven results to the aesthetic market in the form of the Body Ballancer®.

Mego Afek’s knowledge of the lymphatic system and how best to care for it is second to none and the Body Ballancer® is without a doubt the most advanced aesthetic compression system on the market today.

Features include:

  • an intuitive, simple to use touchscreen interface
  • four different massage modes that may be combined in a range of sequences, durations and pressures allowing the clinic or spa owner to create bespoke programmes for each client
  • innovative, patent-protected garments comprising 24 individually controlled cells, designed to give a smooth and controlled massage to the entire treated area.