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If you have had or are planning a cosmetic fat loss procedure, the Body Ballancer® is the ideal partner in obtaining outstanding results.

Whether you are undergoing a traditional, surgical procedure or one of the newer non-invasive forms of liposuction (such as cryo-lipolysis or ‘fat freezing’), a course of 4-6 treatments, will not only help speed up the body’s natural healing process, it will also enhance results.

One or two treatments before the procedure will help ready the lymphatic system by clearing any congestion and optimising lymphatic flow, whilst post-procedure, the gentle waves of massage will help to reduce swelling caused by inflammation, bringing healthy oxygenated blood to the upper dermal layers of the skin, and speeding scar tissue repair.

Cryo-lipolysis patients in particular will see faster results, as unlike traditional liposuction, fat cells are not removed, but frozen, resulting in crystallisation and cell death. These dead cells are then eliminated from the body by the lymphatic system.

A course of Body Ballancer® treatments will help eliminate these dead cells faster, providing visible results quicker than the body’s natural healing process.


Fat reduction

Put simply, it is easier to eliminate fat in parts of the body with a strong blood flow as the tissues are more readily available as fuel for the body.

The Body Ballancer® specifically targets those areas prone to stubborn fat deposits by boosting circulation and accelerating the transport of fatty acids via the blood to be burned in muscles as part of the normal metabolic process.