The Lymphatic Friendly Diet:

A first hand account of how lymphatic therapist and lipoedema sufferer Kristin Osborn turned her life around by discovering what foods worked best with the lymphatic system to help digestion, boost immunity and increase the removal of toxins.

With over 100 pages of recipes, there is something for everyone – from beetroot salad to chicken curry to date and walnut cake. A particularly helpful aspect of these recipes is that every ingredient is identified as being of a particular food type that contain properties that are helpful to the lymphatic system:

  • Anti-inflammatory foods that help the body get rid of inflammation caused by other foods – usually those that are highly-processed or pre-packaged. Anti-inflammatory foods include leafy greens, oily fish, beets, extra virgin olive oil and avocados
  • Acid forming and alkalising foods. Whilst both are needed for a balanced diet, we should aim to eat a majority (60-80%) of foods that are alkaline forming to combat the effects of acid build-up, which can include upset stomach, headache weakness and fatigue. Alkalising foods include lemons, most fresh fruit and vegetables, almonds, apple cider vinegar and foods with a high calcium and magnesium content
  • Potassium rich foods help to remove salt and protein build-ups that have been implicated in impairing immune system function. Potassium rich foods include leafy greens, fish, potatoes and bananas.
  • MCT rich foods. These contain high levels of medium chain triglycerides – healthy fats that are easily metabolised due to being more water soluble. This means that they are less likely to be stored by the body as fat as they are absorbed and used at a higher rate. This contrasts with less healthy cousins, the LCTs (long chain triglycerides) that need to be digested by the lymphatic system. MCT rich foods include coconut and olive oils, avocados, walnuts and almonds.

So, whilst aimed at readers who may have a compromised lymphatic system, there is no doubt that the principles laid out by by Kristin as well as the foods included in her recipes – which are delicious as well as nutritious – can be used by all of us in our quest for optimum lymphatic health.


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