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At Body Ballancer Systems we are passionate about sharing and promoting the considerable benefits that come with improving and maintaining a healthy lymphatic system.

A long understood and popular treatment in mainland Europe, lymphatic drainage – whether delivered manually by a specially trained therapist or an automated compression device (pressotherapy) – is little known or appreciated in the UK.

We intend to change that through the use of an innovative business model combined with the world’s leading pressotherapy device – the Body Ballancer® – to make this fantastic treatment available in hundreds – if not thousands – of locations across the country.

It’s a big task. But the longest journey starts with the smallest step…


Naomi Northen-Ellis :

Naomi worked in sponsorship marketing and event management in the professional sports arena for many years.  In 2008 she was diagnosed with primary lymphoedema which, whilst not a life-threatening condition, can certainly be life altering.  Naomi was determined to learn as much as she could about the condition in general, and the lymphatic system in particular.

Through her research, Naomi came across a Pneumatic Compression Therapy system called The Ballancer®.  The Ballancer® delivers one of the safest and most effective lymphatic drainage massages available. Based on the proven medical principles of the Vodder method of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), it is the perfect partner for health and wellness.  Naomi was so impressed with the efficacy of the product that in 2011 it led to a change in career when she decided to import it into the UK which brings us here today – promoting this amazing product to the wellness, beauty and sport industries.

Jules Willcocks:

Jules was first introduced to lymphatic drainage massage back in 2014 after she was advised to try it by a friend.  In a matter of weeks she noticed a significant improvement in her body shape and tone as well as her overall state of health and decided to find out more.

Three years later and absolutely passionate about the benefits of a healthy lymphatic system, Jules decided in March 2017 to commit to making this her full time job and – after over 30 years as a business consultant – decided to train as an MLD therapist.

In June that year a chance encounter with a Body Ballancer® system whilst on holiday in Spain opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Once back in the UK she immediately contacted the distributor –  one Naomi Northen-Ellis – and less than 6 months later, Body Ballancer Systems UK Ltd was born.