10 Fast facts about the lymphatic system

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10 Fast facts about the lymphatic system It is the least understood and most undervalued of all the body systems, yet if it stopped working we would die within 24-48 hours It is approximately twice the size of the blood circulation system and manages almost double the volume of fluid daily Lymph starts its life as plasma, the watery component that makes up over half our blood volume There are between 400-800 lymph nodes in the body that constantly monitor and filter the lymph to remove toxins, waste and pathogens Swelling of the lymph nodes (or ‘glands’) in [...]

Lymph lovin’ foods

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Cranberries: Stick in your shopping bag this weekend and your lymph will love you right back! Long known to be effective in breaking down fats, cranberries are a fantastic way to flush the lymphatic system.  Because it is responsible for the transportation of fats and fatty acids from the gut into the blood circulation, the lymphatic system is at risk of becoming congested, leading to a build-up of waste and toxins. An excellent emulsifier of fat, cranberry juice will help break down any excess for the lymphatic vessels to carry away. Choose fresh cranberry fruits and juices, not [...]

Improve liposculpture results using the Body Ballancer

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Improve liposculpture results using the Body Ballancer: Enlightened liposculpture practitioners now know that a healthy lymphatic system is extremely important when it comes to getting the most out of this expensive procedure. In fact, one of the largest cosmetic groups in the UK includes a course of lymphatic drainage massages in the cost of their treatment! Whether performed surgically using the latest Vaser technique, or with a non-invasive/minimally-invasive method (such as fat-freezing, laser or ultrasound) swelling and bruising of the treated area will occur. However, you can now take steps to ensure that this is minimised, speeding up [...]