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“It has to be said, I made one of the best decisions of my life in going ahead and purchasing a Body Ballancer.”

Antonia P. Hampshire

“I absolutely love it!”

Zoe Ball, BBC Radio Breakfast DJ

“So addictive, I loved it. My coat is loose for the first time in ages!”

Lisa B. London

“I’ve had mine over two years and it’s still the best thing I’ve ever purchased.’

Beth W, Kent

I’ve been using the ‘supersuit’ (my name for it😆) every day and I love it!

Madison K. Stockton

“The best treatment I have ever had.”

Maria H, Leicestershire

“I love the Body Ballancer because it is so relaxing to use and actually works. I love the results!

Suzie R, Suffolk

“This treatment is the best ever! The Body Ballancer gives me so much relief during my pregnancy”.

Monika K

“The Body Ballancer has become such an important part of my daily routine that I don’t know what I would do without it.”

Joanie M, London

I am absolutely thrilled with my ballancer! It is the best purchase I have made for the health of my body.

Annick K, Surrey

“I’m having Body Ballancer treatments at the moment post having covid as I was suffering with fatigue. I’ve had three sessions now and it’s really helping me.

Jo S. Instagram

“Having upped my training during lockdown, I have had to combat muscle fatigue. Body Ballancer has been a great enhancer for my recovery.

Dame Kelly Holmes

“Wanted you to know that as a result of using the Body Ballancer on a daily basis my skin tone and elasticity is so much better and my legs are more toned. I did make the right decision after all!”

Hania A.

Superb way to reduce swellings on the tummy, thighs and legs. Also gives an intensely enjoyable lower body and torso massage, getting right in to all the muscles. Skin feels toned and tightened and I was able to stand taller.

Dawn P, Surrey

I have recently completed a series of Body Ballancer sessions to help with general muscle soreness in my legs from running and also puffiness in my ankles. I have seen a reduction in inches from my waist, hips and ankles. The sessions were very relaxing.

Elizabeth H, Wiltshire

It’s crazy to believe it’s been a bit over a year since I bought the AMAZING Ballancer from you. It’s definitely been a life-changer for me – a lot fewer muscle spasms, no more Plantar fasciitis, down 1.5 stone, and soooo much more!

Teresa D

Today I feel amazing after the Body Ballancer massage. After one session I definitely felt some cravings I was experiencing have subsided, and I feel fresher. I always had loads of energy but feel fitter and lighter.

Tina, Wiltshire

“As someone who suffers from serious muscle soreness after a hard training session, I have found the Body Ballancer a godsend for reducing or even eliminating the dreaded DOMS. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Matt D. Oxfordshire

“In my view, in a world that is, unfortunately, so often crowded out by overblown claims and hyperbole, this absolutely warrants description as a hero product/treatment.”

Antonia P. Hampshire

Just to say I am loving the Ballancer, mainly for the impact it has on my sleep. I sleep so much more deeply and have much better quality sleep when I’ve used it at night. It’s amazing!

Sara D. London

I had a series of Body Ballancer therapy sessions to help with some digestive health issues. Within a few sessions I noticed a difference to my health and I’m feeling much better. The sessions are relaxed and I highly recommend them.

Pam J, Wiltshire

One of the benefits I didn’t expect – or even realise was linked to my lymphatic system – was that my chronic sinusitis almost completely cleared up. After decades of suffering, it’s amazing.

Belinda G, Devon

I’m absolutely loving having my Body Ballancer at home and really seeing the benefits of daily treatments. My hubby and friends have also been in it and really love it too.

Caroline W. Altrincham

I’m having Body Ballancer treatments at the moment post-covid as I was suffering with fatigue. I’ve had three sessions now and it’s really helping me.

Jo S, London

The Body Ballancer has helped me so much. My leg pain used to keep me awake due to water retention and inflammation due to menopause. I get no pain now.

Lisa W, Manchester