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“Do the trousers make a difference? Absolutely! After a single session, my waistband is always looser.”

Alice Hart-Davis: Now we know how Jen gets her perfect pins

Daily Mail

“Slip into a Body Ballancer and you’ll experience all the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage, but from an (admittedly rather high-tech) sleeping bag. Helping to improve circulation, shift stubborn fat and water retention, firm and smooth the skin (it even helps with cellulite), they are also great if you’re a big exerciser and need help with sore muscles.”

5 Simple Steps On The Path Back To Your Pre-Lockdown Body


“Gently inflating with air [the Body Ballancer] creates a full-body bear hug that helps to boost lymphatic flow, clear toxins and speed up muscle repair. Even just one treatment can help alleviate stress and improve sleep.”

Now, we need the power of touch more than ever

Harper’s Bazaar

“Because it’s so tightly interconnected with the digestive and immune systems it means that any improvements in our lymphatic health will have a direct positive impact, while the elimination of excess fluid, toxins and waste will lead to a healthier, more sculpted complexion.”

What you need to know about the lymphatic system – the new frontier of wellness

The Telegraph

“The Rolls-Royce of at-home treatments””

Beauty gadgets: should you believe the hype?

Grazia Magazine

“Legs feel immediately lighter – and a course of three treatments a week, for one month, promises long-term benefits: shapelier legs, much improved circulation and even a reduction in cellulite.”

Treatments on Trial

Tatler Magazine – Cosmetic Surgery Guide

“The very pinnacle of DIY beauty gadgets.”

Sophie Habboo Tries the Body Ballancer

OK! Online

I felt like I was floating after the treatment and was amazed that I could zip up my trousers (unlike the struggle I’d had beforehand)… I had a treatment every day for three days and by the end of the week when I slipped on my LBD it was no longer tight on the tummy and I felt amazing.

Alternative treatments to lose weight or tone up fast


“It feels hypnotic and utterly relaxing, and the body emerges visibly drained – in a good way…this really is the ultimate investment in your wellbeing”

RED Magazine

“When it comes to supercharging your health, experts say the answer could like in your lymphatic system – an expansive network that travels through the body to remove waste from cells and regulate immunity”

8 Things To Know About Your Lymphatic System


“It’s like being cocooned in a sleeping bag that gives a darned good massage. It’s great for refining contours – our tester lost 2cm off their thighs after a fortnight of using it…”

The Body Issue – 20 Best Body Tweakments

Stella Magazine

“Getting rid of toxins and waste in your system won’t just make you feel better, it’ll also reduce cellulite and excess fluid retention aka almost instant toning. “

4 beauty treatments you should do during winter

Elle Magazine

“The newest trend in body contouring… It helps slim the abdomen and legs while firming the skin and diminishing the appearance of cellulite amongst other feel-good health and beauty benefits”

5 of the best pre-summer beauty and body treatments

Harper’s Bazaar

“I put the lymphatic drainage Body Ballancer treatment to the test, and the de-bloating results were pretty miraculous… the snug skirt I had on before going in for the first treatment was a good 1.5 inches looser when I zipped it back on… Gone was that sluggish, bloated, yucky feeling I had beforehand. My legs and feet felt lighter too.”

Amy Lawrenson: How I lost 1.5 inches off my waist by having a lie down

BYRDIE Magazine

Helping to improve circulation, shift stubborn fat and water retention, firm and smooth the skin (it even helps with cellulite), they are also great if you’re a big exerciser and need help with sore muscles.

5 Simple Steps On The Path Back To Your Pre-Lockdown Body


“I climbed inside the Body Ballancer to help me recover from days of intense cardio and 20k+ steps per day. Each time I emerged feeling relaxed and less heavy in the legs, like I had just had a deep massage. It also increases circulation and accelerates the removal of waste products and the toxins that impact our body’s immune system function, helping your body to fight off infections and speeding up healing.”

The Luxuriate guide to: Creating your ultimate gym at home

Luxuriate Life

“Aren’t you even a little bit curious about this inflating and deflating compression garment, which blows up to massage your body, thereby increasing circulation, removing toxins, helping with digestion, and possibly even reducing cellulite?… this might just be the massage equivalent of the Peloton.”

VOGUE Magazine

“Jennifer Aniston has long been a fan of Body Ballancer treatments, where you wear compression clothes hooked up to a machine to tone ‘problem areas’ such as hips and thighs… The actress is so impressed with the results that she has bought her own machine.”

How to get a party glow before New Year’s Eve and perfect pins like Jennifer Aniston

Mail Online FEMAIL

“Feeling run down? Pop yourself into the Body Ballancer massage suit and feel it rev up your lymphatic system, helping to alleviate stress, boost your immune system and improve your sleep quality. Sounds like heaven!”

Wellbeing News

Woman and Home Magazine

“After just one treatment there will be a significant decrease in water retention throughout the whole lower body and you’ll leave with a much flatter stomach, making it the ideal treatment to have on the day of an event.”

5 new ways to tone up for the party season without going to the gym

The Telegraph

“… a go-to recovery fix for pro athletes, as well as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Zac Efron… .”

Who wears these pants?

Town and Country (US)

“We tested the Body Ballancer extensively at our Wellbeing Studios and found it highly effective at stimulating the lymphatics.”

Life-giving Lymph: How to boost lymphatic circulation

Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine

“I’ve trialled it and loved it – I was almost addicted. It helped decrease bloating but also increased my energy levels”

Edwina Ings-Chambers: You Magazine

You Magazine

“I emerged feeling rested, my muscles relaxed and considerably lighter on my feet…”

This month we tried… Body Ballancer

Professional Beauty Magazine

“…afterwards, my legs had shed their prior heaviness, and the tightness I usually hold in my hips and thighs had significantly reduced.”

Could these high tech trousers transform your legs?

Get the Gloss

“One of my favourite all time beauty treatments and health treatments… Try it yourself. The Body Ballancer – fabulous!”

Newby Hands, Global Beauty Director

Porter Magazine

Tried the Body Ballancer compression therapy system …basically a lymphatic massage suit that I could have stayed in all day

Joely Walker: Grazia Magazine

Grazia Magazine

“Body Ballancer is a lymphatic massage system designed to improve circulation and reduce water retention.”

My Digital Health: Model and actress Jourdan Dunn on the tech she uses to enrich her life and be kind to her body

VOGUE Magazine

“Don’t ignore your lymphatic system… a compromised lymphatic system can lead to poor skin tone,excess weight, cellulite headaches and fatigue “

Top-to-toe guide to the next level of beauty treatments

Woman and Home Magazine

“… a multitasking lymphatic drainage treatment that tackles cellulite and uneven skin tone, all while detoxing the body and relieving stress.”

Alex Light: HELLO! Magazine

HELLO! Magazine

“The Body Ballancer mimics the effects of a manual lymphatic drainage massage and encourages the body to rid itself of excess fluid.”

Daily Mail

“One treatment offers a noticeable volume change, while a course also helps to reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite thanks to its ability to flush toxins away. Another bonus may be better sleep, thanks to its calming rhythmic motion , which is said to encourage deep relaxation”

The Instant Streamliner

Town and Country

“Excellent for anyone who suffers from water retention, this pulsing ‘sleeping bag’ reawakens a sluggish lymphatic system and flushes away excess fluid with immediate and noticeable effect”

Beauty Bazaar – ‘Best for Shaping’ Body Treatment

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

“By the end of my trial, the cellulite on the back of my thighs had vanished, my waistline was down by an inch, my skin is glowing, and I definitely feel more shapely.”

The Body Ballancer review: Advanced massage technology for a slimmer waist & brighter skin

Luxuria Lifestyle

Dr Shotter further recommends two other treatments, Body Ballancer and Venus Legacy. Venus Legacy is the multipolar radiofrequency device that is entirely non-invasive, and feels a little like a hot stone massage. It can be used to reduce fat pockets and cellulite. “Body Ballancer — this feels like you’re putting on a large pair of trousers which are not very flattering. But you lie back, and are then gently massaged by the trousers which help to drain fluid from the body. The result is not just an improvement in cellulite, but often an improvement in energy, immunity and sleep.”

6 Non-Surgical Ways To Your Best Summer Body That Doesn’t Involve Working Out


FOR BODY FAT LOSS: “Coolsculpting freezes fat and reduces fat pockets by up to a third in a single treatment, but one of the side effects is swelling,” Dr Sophie tells us. “When you combine it with a course of Body Ballancer lymphatic drainage treatments you’ll get improved lymphatic drainage, improved comfort and improved results.” Dr Sophie Shotter, Illuminate Skin Clinic


Get the Gloss

“The entire experience was extremely relaxing, soothing, and I immediately felt light right after.“

We test out the Body Ballancer treatment at Gazelli House London

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

“Best treatment for cellulite…working on dispelling water retention, puffiness and excess fluid. You can target the waist, hips, bottom and legs or upper abdomen arms and back and results vary, but can be up to 2cms of weight loss in as little as two weeks, along with noticeably smoother, less dimpled skin”

The best London weight loss treatments for summer

The Culture Whisper

“Gone was that sluggish, bloated feeling I had beforehand. My legs and feet felt lighter too… If I could choose these trousers as my outfit of the day, every day, then I absolutely would”

Beating the bloat with the Body Ballancer

Luxurious Magazine

Had a Body Ballancer treatment last night and woke up feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model…

Leanne Bayley: Hello! Magazine

HELLO! Magazine

“A one-off treatment tends to be favoured by those who want to be at their best for a special occasion. Most use a course of six (recommended) to get the most benefit… at the end of the session, I felt lighter and refreshed but agreed with the suggestion that a course would be far more beneficial than a one-off.”

How an innocent remark from a child caused me to diet and seek lymphatic massage

The Best Life Project

Step into a (helmet-less) space suit comprising 24 air chambers and lie down. For the next half hour to an hour, these chambers consecutively inflate and deflate, pushing your lymph fluid up towards its drainage nodes in a mechanical imitation of the ‘Vodder’ manual lymph drainage technique. It feels hypnotic and utterly relaxing, and the body emerges visibly drained – in a good way.

Lymphatic drainage: the beauty booster you never knew you needed

Etre Vous

“After the very first treatment programme I found that my legs, thighs and abdomen felt so much lighter, and I felt so relaxed. I slept so well after using the Body Ballancer machine. Even without all of the health benefits that Body Ballancer offers, this wonderful ‘free’ feeling after a treatment, and subsequent good nights sleep was worth having the machine”

Fashions Finest

As part of her series about the women in wellness, Candice Georgiadis interviewed our founder and got tips on her five lifestyle tweaks that will help support people’s journey towards better wellbeing.

Women in Wellness: Jules Willcocks

Authority Magazine

“After a thoroughly relaxing 45 minutes treatment, the suit deflates slowly to enable you to unzip yourself and step out – which feels a little like a scene from a Sci-Fi film. It was at this point I noticed how light my legs and hips felt after just one session and could imagine if you did this regularly how you would reap the benefits.”

Lymphatic massage – with Body Ballancer

The Wardrobe Edit

“… she said she likes to follow up a workout [at Bodyism] with the Body Ballancer treatment… she notes she leaves feeling ‘toned and alleviated of tension in the body’

The price of looking like a Lady! Amelia Windsor reveals her wellness guide to London

Mail Online FEMAIL

“…a favourite treatment of mine is the Body Ballancer, where you slip inside a cosy padded sleeping bag for 45 minutes as it tightens and loosens around your body to increase circulation and reduce fluid retention. You leave feeling toned and alleviated of tension in the body which allows for a calmer mind, and I find my sleep quality is much improved.”

Amelia Windsor’s wellness guide to London


” The Body Ballancer was serene and relaxing, inducing a soporific state of being. Once it ended, I could feel that my legs that shed-off their prior heaviness, and the muscles in my thighs seemed significantly lightened and relaxed… I would recommend it to any fitness aficionado who is suffering from sore muscles.”

LSA Reviews: The Body Ballancer is ideal for fitness freaks facing muscle fatigue

Lifestyle Asia

“Body Ballancer + The Signature at the Light Salon [that] involves lying down wearing a pair of enormous pantaloons… that get your lymphatic system going, helping your legs and stomach rid themselves of stagnant fluid and toxins”.

Any sneaky ways to get leaner legs for a late holiday?

Mail Online FEMAIL

”A relaxing, invigorating top-to-toe therapy, Body Ballancer has many feelgood benefits, also boosting circulation and the immune system, relieving leg fatigue, reducing cellulite, eliminating water-retention and even improving sleep quality.

Laying the groundwork – Treat yourself to these pre-holiday beauty boosters

World of Cruising Magazine

“We can’t think of an easier way to detox and trim post-festive season. “

Guide to lymphatic drainage treatments: London

Culture Whisper