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Body Ballancer Customer Spotlight – ICELAB Essex Cryo

Hadleigh in Essex may well be the last place you would expect to find some of the most cutting-edge biohacking technology in the UK, yet that is exactly where you will find ICELAB Essex Cryo and its  knowledgeable and enthusiastic owner, Kate Frost.

Opened in August 2020 (during what turned out to be a pause between lockdowns), ICELAB Essex Cryo offers a range of health optimisation treatments – from anti-ageing, to sports recovery, to pain management – that would be the envy of cryotherapy centres in California, arguably ground-zero of the biohacking world.

“After spending three years looking for relief from constant back and knee pain, I decided to do some of my own research into the latest innovations in the wellness space” says Kate “and one of the most exciting technologies I found was cryotherapy.

“The benefits were quite incredible” continues Kate “they included pain management, improving circulation, removing toxins, boosting the metabolism, reducing stress – even tightening the skin. I just had to find out more, and pretty soon I was hooked on the whole health optimisation concept”.

Discovering Dave Asprey – founder of the world-famous UPGRADE LABS in Los Angeles and creator of Bulletproof coffee – led Kate to decide that she needed to bring some of the therapies he advocated here to the UK. Starting with cryotherapy and a determination that only the very best technology would satisfy her vision, the choice of whole body cryotherapy from Cryo Science was an easy one.

“Not only do Cryo Science make the safest and most effective whole body chambers on the market right now, the fact that they offer 24 hour doctor-led support made it a no-brainer for me” says Kate “and once I had made that decision I started looking for other technologies that would complement this fantastic treatment”.

That search led Kate to CAR.OL – is the AI-powered exercise bike that gives the cardiovascular benefits of a 45-minute jog in under nine minutes, enabling clients to reach their health and fitness goals with short, yet efficient workouts. This was quickly followed by the introduction of the ‘Recharge Room’, powered by the high irradiance MITO red light therapy system that promotes wound healing and tissue repair, reduces swelling and inflammation, supports collagen creation, improves joint health and boosts the immune system.

The addition in December of the Body Ballancer and its clinically proven benefits of lymphatic drainage has been warmly received by ICELAB clients. So much so that many have made this soothing massage treatment an integral part of their sessions, and are already experiencing results such as, faster recovery from exercise, improvements in skin tone and the appearance of cellulite, and better sleep quality.

But don’t think for a minute that Kate is stopping there. “I am always on the lookout for new technologies to benefit my clients and can now offer an LED face mask treatments with a Body Ballancer massage and I am very excited to be trialling the Brain Tap guided meditation system to provide a truly bliss-out experience”.

ICELAB Essex Cryo Ltd
34 High Street
Essex, SS7 2PB

01268 96880