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Body Ballancer Customer Spotlight – Karidis London

Located in the hospital of St John & Elizabeth hospital you can be assured of complete privacy and discretion at Karidis Clinic. Led by award-winning plastic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis, who has been achieving naturally-beautiful results for over 20 years alongside a highly skilled team of nurses offering injectables, lasers and medical facials to meet all your aesthetic concern.

Each member of the Karidis team has an extensive knowledge in their chosen field of expertise. Mr Karidis always ensures that the right people are selected and have the ability to work together to give patients only the best of every single treatment. From administrators to anesthetists, therapists to theatre teams, each and every person is integral within our patients journey and we will do everything it takes to make the experience as safe and as seamless as possible.

 As well as offering invasive procedures such as breast & male chest surgery, facial procedures, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, liposuction and many more, Karidis Clinic specialise in non-surgical treatments from top to toe working with leading brands including fat freezing device leaders Coolsculpting & Body Ballancer for body sculpting, toning & wellbeing, Ultrasound facial rejuvenation from Ultherapy, facial lasers for dark spots, fine lines and imperfections from Alma Harmony Lasers, Hyperhydrosis treatment Miradry plus injectables and medifacial all performed by our leading team of nurses.

Lead nurse, Suzi Noble RGN who has been using Body Ballancer on both surgical and non-surgical patients for a few years now says:

Using Body Ballancer alongside treatments like Ultherapy works brilliantly, not only does it distract from the any discomfort during a procedure but it also helps reduce swelling, aids recovery and leaves you feeling very relaxed!

Karidis London
The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth
60 Grove End Road
London NW8 9NH

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