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Body Ballancer Customer Spotlight – Omnia Lifestyle

The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure but to avoid pain.”


Imagine a world without pain where there is no need for artificial drugs or any other chemicals that relieve suffering.

Introducing Omnia Lifestyle – a pain relief and management centre, operating in the heart of Guildford town centre at 54 Chertsey Street, Guildford, GU1 4HD. Omnia provides a comprehensive approach to the relief and management of pain. Omnia also offers clients a wide array of pain relief options, ranging from state-of-the-art technology such as Body Ballancer Compression Therapy and Photo-biomodulation, to conventional treatments such as Osteopathy to traditional practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture and Ayurveda.

Patients suffering from acute or chronic pain through injuries, illness or poor health often have one thing on their mind: ‘how and when will this stop?’.  While it is all too easy to reach for the Panadol or Ibuprofen, the side effects and long-term health issues surrounding such medications are often not addressed.  Used properly of course, pain relief medication can be a useful short-term solution for simple physical discomforts. But when pain takes its form in a long-term effect or is brought about by physical injury, unwholesome lifestyle choices or chronic illness, the need to decipher what is wrong and why it is wrong is the most crucial aspect of such health issues.  Without discovering the source or root of the problem, it can keep recurring.

With a team of experts on board to help with any pain relief requirements you need, there is a treatment to suit everyone on site or via home visits. Qualified pain relief therapists always begin appointments with an initial consultation to determine specific needs and treatments are followed up with a 15-minute consultation to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy assigned.  According to Omnia’s Senior Therapist, Dr Khalid Mughal.


“Not only do we seek to provide pain relief and therapy through technological medical practices such as the use of compression therapy offered by Body Ballancer®, we also focus on long-term solutions for patients such as nutrition, diet and exercise to incorporate their recovery into their everyday lifestyles. By using a holistic approach and incorporating lifestyle and fitness, nutrition and mental well-being, both short and long-term issues are investigated with a goal to heal.”


 This balance of using modern technology and ancient medicinal therapy is what makes Omnia so exceptional. For further information on the centre and its treatments, please visit*

Omnia Lifestyle London Limited
Chiswick Gate
598-608 Chiswick High Road
W4 5RT

Phone:020 4515 0000.