Significant hormonal changes occur during pregnancy which often leads to excessive water retention and fat accumulation – the latter particularly around the buttocks, hips and thighs.

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Body Ballancer and Pregnancy

Can the Body Ballancer® be used during pregnancy?

Absolutely! A course of treatments – particularly during the third trimester – will not only relieve the discomfort of heaviness and tightness caused by water retention, it will also lessen or even prevent the formation of spider and varicose veins and reduce the appearance of cellulite – another unlovely side-effect of the hormonal changes that are part and parcel of  the pregnancy journey.

Why is it recommended?

Significant hormonal changes occur during pregnancy which often leads to excessive water retention and fat accumulation – the latter particularly around the buttocks, hips and thighs – as Mother Nature ensures that there is always a plentiful supply of both for mother and baby.

Swelling typically makes an appearance during the second trimester, but it often during the third that the real increase in fluid retention occurs, contributing significantly to the weight gain most women experience during pregnancy. Eventually, this weight gain and the effects of gravity slows down the circulation of blood and other bodily fluids increasing the discomfort felt by the mother-to-be in most parts of the body, but in particular the lower limbs.

At what stage of pregnancy can I use it?

It can be used at any stage of pregnancy, with the approval of your doctor. However, we would recommend restricting use to the second and third trimesters.

Won’t it be uncomfortable over the tummy area?

One of the unique features of the Body Ballancer® pants means that the air cells over the abdominal region can be deactivated, so no pressure is applied in this area at all, whilst a soothing, relaxing massage can be delivered to the legs and feet to relieve the uncomfortable pressure caused by tissue swelling.

Just a single session will provide significant benefits, leaving the legs and feet feeling lighter and energised, and a course of treatments will really help make those last few months of pregnancy much more bearable.

Is it safe to use Body Ballancer® post pregnancy?

Yes it is. The adjustable pressure of the Body Ballancer® massage (together with the ability to switch off the cells over the abdomen if necessary) means that you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful treatment after pregnancy.

How soon after the birth do I need to wait?

Despite the current trends to ‘shed the baby weight’ or ‘get back to that pre-pregnancy bod’ alarmingly quickly, we strongly recommend waiting four to six weeks post-partum before using the Body Ballancer®.

What if I had a cesarean?

Again, we recommend waiting four to six weeks, but this will of course depend on your own recovery experience. If you are in any discomfort or the scars are healing slowly, you should ask your doctor before using the Body Ballancer®.

Is breast feeding a factor?

No. The Body Ballancer® is perfectly safe to use whilst breastfeeding.

What are the benefits post-pregnancy?

Used post pregnancy, the Body Ballancer® will:

  • Help burn off the excess fat accumulated during pregnancy by boosting the supply of healthy, oxygenated blood to the tissues. Put simply, it is easier to eliminate fat in parts of the body with a strong blood flow as this accelerates the transport of fatty acids via the bloodstream to be burned by the muscles as part of the normal metabolic process.
  • Significantly reduce any excess fluid retained in the tissues. The gentle wave-like action of the Body Ballancer® is clinically proven to reduce limb and body swelling by effectively moving the excess fluid into and through the lymphatic system, ready for elimination via the body’s normal waste removal process.
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite. Pregnancy does not necessarily increase cellulite; rather the increase in weight experienced by many women will make it more pronounced. Here, the Body Ballancer will not only improve the overall quality of skin tone and elasticity due to increased blood and oxygen circulation but freshen and brighten the skin by stimulating the lymphatic system, thereby removing any buildup of waste and toxins.

Do please remember to always obtain your doctor’s approval before treatment, and discuss your individual birth experience with your Body Ballancer® therapist, including any complications that you may have experienced during your pregnancy. This information will help them create the optimal programme for your needs, to ensure you get the absolute best from this wonderful treatment.