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Customer Spotlight – The HVN

The HVN – a new sanctuary for conscious wellbeing is a space that has been specifically designed to explore the most important relationship in your life – the relationship with yourself. Based in Knightsbridge, London, the HVN (pronounced ‘haven’) offers a hybrid of aesthetic and wellness treatments, combining ancient therapies with modern sciences to help clients take control of their wellbeing that truly encompasses their vision of looking, feeling and living healthier.

The HVN was founded by a team of three professionals who are experts in their own fields: Muriel Zingraff, CEO, Jo Harris, COO, and Dr Tanja Philips, Medical Director; who have come together to realise their shared vision and passions for the wellness sector to create a unique and optimised wellbeing offering with the client at its heart.

 “We’ve pooled our knowledge and research to curate The HVN as a place to receive bespoke treatments, as well as true and transparent information about wellness with complete trust.”

Muriel Zingraff

Spread across a stunning two-floor facility, the HVN houses a selection of industry experts including doctors, osteopaths, nutritionists and therapeutic specialists who work together to create hyper-personalised wellbeing treatment plans for each individual client. Plans are based on client’s individual needs and address everything from gut health to hormonal imbalances.

Medical aesthetic treatments such as vitamin infusions, lasers and hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are on offer alongside Indian, Japanese and Chinese heritage therapies, such as acupuncture and abhyanga massage.

The urban retreat features The HVN Forest Bathing space – a spa-like area comprised of biophilic elements that echo natural biomes to promote relaxation which have been inspired by the Japanese concept of forest bathing – a method promoting relaxation by being calm and quiet amongst nature.

The HVN Wellbeing Ltd
57-63 Knightsbridge



Tel: 0207 160 0003