Ballancer® Platinum*
£15,000.00 +VAT

The world’s most advanced compression therapy system

The state-of-the-art Ballancer® Platinum has been rigorously designed and engineered to specifically meet the demands of the luxury spa and high-end clinic market.

Every Ballancer® Platinum is bespoke programmed to your exact specifications before delivery with a range of treatments to address wellness issues as well as aesthetic concerns. If required, the ground-breaking Ballancer® Platinum can be further programmed to deliver up to 100 bespoke massages helping you cater for individual clients and creating your own signature protocols to compliment your existing treatment menu.

4 flexible massage types for ultimate control.

Our FDA-cleared, medical-grade Ballancer® systems offers four different massage types that can be combined to deliver the precise treatment required:

Pre-therapy: Designed specifically to work on the abdomen to clear the central lymphatics.

Wave: A long, deep and slow wave-like motion, extremely relaxing and ideal for sports massages and reducing cellulite.

Intense: Particularly effective for volume reduction, the Slim mode applies a gradual massage that starts at the base of the treated limb and progresses until the entire garment is inflated.

Ballancer: A more rapid and invigorating wave-like massage that’s wonderful for treating tired legs and improving circulation.

* Price includes Ballancer Platinum pump and pants. The Ballancer Pro jacket is extra at £2,500.00 +VAT

Key features

Intuitive digital touch-screen for fast, easy use.

4 different massage types that can be combined into a single treatment using multiple pressure settings.

Save up to 100 bespoke massage treatments.

Deactivate individual air chambers to avoid certain body areas (eg in the case of injury or pregnancy).

Special ‘gradient’ setting to reduce pressure over the abdominal area for greater client comfort.

Full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.