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Body Ballancer® gets positive reviews and coverage in the press, both in the UK and USA. Watch the videos and read some of the reviews and comments from leading publications.

“There’s a space-like pantsuit that says it’ll deliver slimming results through lymphatic drainage massage.”

We tried the compression bodysuit that celebs are using to get red carpet ready

abc NEWS (US) November 2018

“It’s great to do post-flight or pre-party. You can really see a difference.”

The genius behind those lymphatic-boosting pants all over Instagram

In Style (US) December 2018

“Excellent for anyone who suffers from water retention, this pulsing ‘sleeping bag’ reawakens a sluggish lymphatic system and flushes away excess fluid with immediate and noticeable effect”

Beauty Bazaar – ‘Best for Shaping’ Body Treatment

Harper’s Bazaar December 2018

“It felt like 12 pairs of super competent hands massaging me at the same time…  take it from me, it was a wonderful feeling that simply couldn’t be achieved manually.”

What the Body Ballancer can do for each of us

Country Wives

“Whether you are recovering from an injury, need your immune system boosted, want to lose weight or you just want a relaxing way of improving your skin, the Body Ballancer is a highly effective and enjoyable method.”

Body Ballancer Review

Fighting Fifty

“One of my favourite all time beauty treatments and health treatments… Try it yourself. The Body Ballancer – fabulous!”

Newby Hands, Global Beauty Director


“The newest trend in body contouring… It helps slim the abdomen and legs while firming the skin and diminishing the appearance of cellulite amongst other feel-good health and beauty benefits”

5 of the best pre-summer beauty and body treatments

Harper’s Bazaar

“I put the lymphatic drainage Body Ballancer treatment to the test, and the de-bloating results were pretty miraculous…

“The snug skirt I had on before going in for the first treatment was a good 1.5 inches looser when I zipped it back on… Gone was that sluggish, bloated, yucky feeling I had beforehand. My legs and feet felt lighter too.”

How I lost 1.5 inches off my waist by having a lie down

BYRDIE Magazine

Tried the Body Ballancer compression therapy system  …basically a lymphatic massage suit that I could have stayed in all day

Joely Walker: Grazia Magazine

Had a Body Ballancer treatment last night and woke up feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model…

Leanne Bayley, Hello! Magazine

“…this is a treatment that can easily be fitted into a spare hour, and is immensely good value given the emotional well-being of all that pleasure and relaxation, the physical benefits to the lymphatic and circulatory system, and the cosmetic benefits of a smoother skin tone.”

Glass has lymphatic-massage fun with the Body Ballancer

Glass Magazine

“…afterwards, my legs had shed their prior heaviness, and the tightness I usually hold in my hips and thighs had significantly reduced.”

Could these high tech trousers transform your legs?

Get The Gloss

“…if you’re headed to a beach getaway this summer and actually want all that time spent working out to be visible – book one of these before you get on that plane.”

Bloated? There’s a machine for that…

The Haute Heel

“… a multitasking lymphatic drainage treatment that tackles cellulite and uneven skin tone, all while detoxing the body and relieving stress.”

Set the tone: Body Ballancer review

Alex Light, Hello! Magazine

Body Ballancer® Gets Movie Stars In Shape For The Emmy’s

Body Ballancer® X The Doctors

Harpers Bazaar Logo

GAME CHANGER – It really does the job. After 4 sessions a week over two weeks, my legs were transformed

Newby Hands, Global Beauty Director

Daily Mail Logo

“…creating waves of gentle compression, the Body Ballancer mimics the effects of a manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage, and encourages the body to rid itself of excess fluid.”

The Daily Mail: Femail

Beauty Passionista Logo

“Skin looks better, firmer and more toned as freshly oxygenated blood flows freer to the skin’s surface.”

Beauty Passionista