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The lymphatic system and immunity

2018-05-11T06:57:15+01:00 By |The Lymphatic System|

How the lymphatic and immune systems work together: One of the many benefits of a healthy, well-functioning lymphatic system is an improved immune system, but why is this so? What is Immunity? Immunity is the ability to resist illness and damage from undesirables such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds. The body has a number of protective methods for preventing these nasties from entering the body in the first place, or preventing them from taking hold if they do. This is called non-specific immunity. Specific immunity on the other hand gives us the ability to identify, destroy and [...]

Hydration and the lymphatic system

2018-04-12T15:49:44+01:00 By |The Lymphatic System|

Water, water everywhere: The cynics amongst us may like to think that it is the bottled water companies of the world that are keen on making sure that our intake of water stays high - to the level of a small reservoir per person per day at the very least.  Indeed a number of articles in the press in recent years have indicated that the eight glasses or two litres a day we have been encouraged to drink is a guideline only and not based on any firm scientific study. But before you ditch the water habit, consider [...]

A little Lymph reading

2018-04-06T09:53:11+01:00 By |Something for the wekend...|

The Lymphatic Friendly Diet: A first hand account of how lymphatic therapist and lipoedema sufferer Kristin Osborn turned her life around by discovering what foods worked best with the lymphatic system to help digestion, boost immunity and increase the removal of toxins. With over 100 pages of recipes, there is something for everyone - from beetroot salad to chicken curry to date and walnut cake. A particularly helpful aspect of these recipes is that every ingredient is identified as being of a particular food type that contain properties that are helpful to the lymphatic system: Anti-inflammatory foods that [...]

The lymphatic system and fat digestion

2018-04-06T06:22:54+01:00 By |The Lymphatic System|

Why the quality of the fats we consume is vital: Whether it comes from the finest extra virgin olive oil or the 3 a.m. burger van raid, all the fat we eat is absorbed by the lymphatic system before onward transmission into the bloodstream where it can be used as fuel. Unlike other nutrients, fat cannot be absorbed directly into the blood from the gut because fat molecules are simply too large to be taken up by the tiny capillaries that line it; it would simply clog them up. Instead, it must be absorbed by another route – [...]

The good oil on… Ginger

2018-03-23T11:59:18+00:00 By |Something for the wekend...|

Ginger: Essential oils can play a part in helping the lymphatic system in a number of ways to support it in its detoxing and microbe-fighting mission. Depending on the oils used, they can detoxify, boost blood circulation and improve lymphatic flow. Let’s look at ginger… Ginger essential oil is derived from the ginger root, a powerful spice that contains more than a hundred chemicals that support and enhance overall well-being. Used for centuries, it is prized in Chinese medicine where it is regarded as a warming herb with particular benefits for the lymph nodes, spleen, heart and digestive [...]

The lymphatic system and the brain

2018-03-20T05:56:14+00:00 By |The Lymphatic System|

How does the brain clean itself and why is it so important?: Every organ of the body produces waste as part of the metabolic process, and the brain is no exception. However, the way in which it rids itself of waste has been something of a mystery as it was thought that there were no lymphatic vessels in the cranial cavity. Indeed, in any representation of the lymphatic system, there is a huge space where the brain is located. This omission has always been problematic as the brain is both very active and extremely sensitive to waste build-up, [...]

Lymph lovin’ foods

2018-03-16T07:59:35+00:00 By |Something for the wekend...|

Beetroot: Stick in your shopping bag this weekend and your lymph will love you right back! Well on the road to rehabilitation after decades languishing in a glass jar swimming in malt vinegar, beetroot is fast gaining a reputation as a true super-food with the ability to boost stamina, lower blood pressure and improve immune and digestive function. Whether eaten raw grated into a salad, juiced with apple, lemon and ginger or roasted in the oven as a side vegetable, beetroot is packed with fibre and nutrients that are naturally lymph enhancing. Betalain Betalains are naturally occurring chemicals that [...]

Ballancer in sport and fitness

2018-03-13T15:01:13+00:00 By |Body Ballancer|

Making Body Ballancer® part of your fitness programme Body Ballancer® isn’t just all about body contouring, water retention and cellulite! It also has a significant role to play in providing a relaxing but highly effective form of active recovery as part of any exercise and training schedule. How? Here comes the science… Let’s first look at what causes the dreaded ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’ or DOMS - the muscle fatigue and pain that is a familiar and unwelcome consequence to any strenuous training session The energy needed for our muscles to work effectively comes from the food we [...]

A little Lymph reading

2018-04-06T10:00:16+01:00 By |Something for the wekend...|

Love Your Lymph: For one of the most informative and easy to read books about all things lymphatic, you can't go wrong with 'Love Your Lymph' by Donna Strong. With detailed and engaging descriptions from a number of sources, Donna explains what the lymphatic system is, how it works and its interconnection with a number of the body’s vital systems from cardiac to immune, nervous and digestive. From the starting point that the lymphatic system is ‘one of the best-kept secrets of our biology’, Donna covers wide range of topics on how to improve lymphatic function including diet, exercise, [...]

Dry skin brushing for lymphatic health

2018-03-09T16:58:40+00:00 By |The Lymphatic System|

Dry skin brushing for lymphatic health Many of us have heard about dry skin brushing and its ability to: remove dead skin cells unblock the pores and facilitate the removal of toxins soften, smooth and brighten the skin boost circulation As well as the other main detoxing organs of the liver, kidneys, colon and lungs, our skin is also responsible for the removal of waste from the body. In fact it is estimated that almost a quarter of the waste we excrete every day is eliminated by the skin in the form of dead skin cells and sweat. [...]