Love Your Lymph:

For one of the most informative and easy to read books about all things lymphatic, you can’t go wrong with ‘Love Your Lymph’ by Donna Strong.

With detailed and engaging descriptions from a number of sources, Donna explains what the lymphatic system is, how it works and its interconnection with a number of the body’s vital systems from cardiac to immune, nervous and digestive.

From the starting point that the lymphatic system is ‘one of the best-kept secrets of our biology’, Donna covers wide range of topics on how to improve lymphatic function including diet, exercise, the chemistry of stress and its impact on the lymphatic system, and simple lifestyle changes that will have a significant impact on your overall state of health and well-being.

A number of self-help guides are provided describing easy to follow techniques that can be practised daily to stimulate lymphatic flow though:

  • Breathing
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Stretching
  • Massage and aromatherapy
  • Skin brushing

Love Your Lymph. We couldn’t agree more!

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